Outlook not affected the decrease in the Real Sector

Bank Danamon chief economist Anton Gunawan, said the decline in Indonesian debt outlook by rating agency Standard & Poor's (S & P) will not have an impact on economic growth in Indonesia. "If later slowed his growth was not because of ratings, but there are other factors, such as policy horticulture and later rising fuel policy," he said when contacted by Tempo, Monday, May 6, 2013.

He explains the decrease in outlook by S & P is more affected than the financial to the real sector. Seen from declining Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) after the results were announced this rating. "Our economy is no improvement, the S & P is late, a bit odd. Weighting of the risk they are considered to increase the views of policies rather backwards. However, the effect only until this week. Next week is not, "said Anton.

Anton added a drop outlook is also not so affected the company. According to him, there are the results of the Japanese agency which is used as a reference by investors from Japan and outside Japan to invest in Indonesia. "Investment grade Rating from Japan enough to help investors in Indonesia," he said.

In addition to the rating, another reference to outside investors to infuse capital, the opportunity to earn a high return. To obtain the opportunity, they look like the easiness of adequate infrastructure, tax treatment, labor pressures are low, and the level of corruption is small. "It is used as a reference by investors. Rating is just one variable, "he said.

The same statement also expressed by economist of Standard Chartered, Erick Sugandi. According to him, the downgrade by S & P more than the financial impact on the real sector. "It's only temporary. I guess this week was able to get back to normal, "he said when contacted by Tempo, Monday, May 6, 2013.

According to him, the market also needs projection. Issues such as these can be used. This is the time to make the JCI shaken, which is down 1.4 per cent at the close of last week.

As for the real sector, Erick said he would not have the slightest impact. "Foreign Investment logged in Indonesia because the market still has potential with the achievement of the government in the form of infrastructure development albeit slowly, but it is progress," said Erick.

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