Hiring a personal injury attorney in Charlotte NC might seem like a difficult endeavor to take on. To begin with, you're injured, you feel as though you're being taken advantage of by insurance companies, and you're over your head in medical bills. How do you go about finding someone to entrust your case to? You'll need someone who can recognize that you do, indeed, have a case, one that warrants their time, the court's time, and one that can be won within a reasonable amount of time.

Because of these circumstances, you need an attorney more than ever. But to start from the beginning, what kind of injury do you need to have to hire an attorney? What is a personal injury lawsuit? If you've been injured through no fault of your own, you are entitled to certain benefits. First of all, you shouldn't have to pay for someone else's negligence! Property owners are expected to maintain their properties in a manner that is safe for patrons to move about without danger. If a puddle of water is on the floor due to a ceiling's drip, warnings should be placed around the puddle and the ceiling should be fixed. Someone who slips and falls, then injures their back is not at fault. I had a friend who lives in Charlotte, NC that went to a convenience store with a big walk-in cooler where they stored the beer and wine. There was a leaking pipe in the ceiling of the cooler and the temperature of the cooler was actually set too low. While the clerk had mopped up the water puddle, he failed to do a very good job and he did not put any warning signs up that the area might be slippery. The small amount of water on the floor iced over in the cooler and my friend walked in, her feet slipped out beneath her, she fell on her coccyx bone so hard she fractured it. and she cracked her head on the floor. She was out of work for more than six months, and the severe head injury left her with cognitive issues.

Hiring a Charlotte personal injury attorney proved to the convenience store's insurance company and their attorney's that she meant business. That single act of hiring an attorney lends credibility to the fact that the plaintiff intends to sue the defendant. Plus, if the case doesn't go to court and only goes through mediation, the attorney is much more skilled at bargaining, than the client. Without an attorney, an injured person may not know when or how to settle out of court. They could be bullied in mediation, especially if they are simply tired of the whole process, and merely want it over with.

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