The primarycriteria for maker to get a table tennis table ITTF sanction are condensed underneath. For more points of interest see the ITTF specialized pamphlet.

4.1. Name of the table

Each one table must have a particular name that recognizes it from any possible tables.

4.2. General appearance of the table

The table must search proficient suitable for top level rivalry, with no irregularities or defects. A table that for reasons unknown looks home-made, shaky or shoddy, paying little heed to the playing characteristics of the tabletop, won't be given regard.

4.3. Material of the playing board

For an ITTF endorsed table, just wood or wooden derivates may be utilized for the playing board, and the ITTF along these lines favors just wood or its derivates.

4.4. General table measurements

The length (l1) must be inside 5 mm of 2.740 m, and the width (b1) and tallness (h1) must be inside 3 mm of 1.525 m and 0,760 m, separately.

4.5. Net connection zone

In the event that the edges of the table are fortified, the securing must be removed where the net presents are on be joined. The free space between the securing on the two parts of the table ought to be no less than 70 mm wide, and it ought to reach out under the table no less than 100 mm.

4.6. Evenness of the tabletop

The playing surface must not be twisted.

4.7. Surface shade, complete and lines of the playing surface

An affirmed table must be green or blue, of any level of haziness having a Y-esteem under illuminant D65 of not more than 30% (CIE framework).

The completion must be uniform over the whole surface; it should accordingly be connected in some uniform way, for example, splashing or roller covering; brush imprints are inadmissible. The completion will additionally be unsuitable if, paying little respect to the measured level of gleam, it allows the state of a light-source to be recognized in its appearance.

The completions may not exchange surface shade to the ball. This reasons concern to players, onlookers and TV groups.

Notwithstanding the foremost complete, the playing surface must be checked with white lines.

These include a 20 mm wide (b6) line adjust the border of the playing surface to guarantee that its cutoff points are unmistakably unmistakable, and a 3 mm wide (b7) line, parallel to the sidelines, partitioning each one end of the table into two half-courts.
4.8. Grating of the playing surface

The element Cof between the playing surface and that of any ITTF-sanction ball ought not to be more noteworthy than 0.6. The Cof ought to be basically the same paying little respect to the heading in which it is measured.

4.9. Skip on the playing surface

Both speed and twist of a ball are influenced by the strength of the playing surface and different properties that together characterize the skip.

4.11. Tallness conformities on the undercarriage

Tables of sort (I) needn't bother with stature conformity gadgets due to their inflexible structure.

Tables of sort (II) to (IV) should have stature conformity gadgets at any rate at the bottom of their end feet, however ideally likewise under their net finishes. These ought to be simple and sheltered to handle, to modify and to settle
4.12. Shade of the undercarriage

The undercarriage ought not be white or fluorescent; its complete must not reflect light upwards, so that the players and the observers are not astonished.

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